Guilt Savers


Created by Lea Devon Sorrentino//Shot by Samuel Johnson// Contribution from Lauren Klien

Guilt Savers is a service aesthetic project that assumes the persona of house flipping companies like “We Buy Ugly Houses”, a business that purchases homes from desperate sellers who need cash quickly. This commercial is an introduction to Guilt Savers, a company that will absolve white men of their guilt towards structural oppression without them having to lift a finger.

Since physical space is something humans decided has borders to occupy and own, sell and trade, why not Guilt? Guilt abolition is the newest commodity with high demand and unequal distribution. This market is a new frontier and Guilt Savers wants to be at the forefront of development.

America is known for its commodification of experiences and goods. Most consumerism focuses on filling a need or a desire but that line is blurred due to the mental relationship we have with consuming. What we can own and acquire becomes an outward manifestation of our worth, without an internal relief from societal expectation. Compound consumption with structural inequality and the chances of being able to clearly make autonomous decisions is almost impossible. The mental load of the consumer is constantly increasing, especially if you are a woman or part of a marginalized population.

Within Capitalism consuming is considered a representation of success. In this system white wealthy men maintain status and control because of their purchasing power. Guilt Savers highlight the hypocrisy to who has access to relief within a system that was constructed for a specific group of people.